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The company was founded MIT gas stove more than 10 years with professional staff, good narrative. Factory with advanced machinery and modern. The test procedures, test before departing for very demanding part, ensuring that the introduction of the line quality products, new designs, colors, chic, compact design.


  • Pack your letters and parcels in a compact and durable manner
  • Select a sending method to suit the contents

The correct sending method (e.g., letter/parcel, registered, insured, fragile) and correct address details will ensure that your shipment reaches the recipient.

Pack with care

Select an envelope or a box of a suitable size for your item to prevent the contents from moving. You can also use bubble wrap or newspaper as filler, for example. Put your item in a parcel or envelope which is as neat and flat as possible. Adhesive packaging material and items of an irregular shape or round items may cause issues in mechanical handling. Optimal outer packaging material includes cardboard and paper.

Please ensure that the parcel's address label is properly attached. To avoid any confusion, there must be no old address details on the packaging, and the address card or details must be clearly visible.

Regular envelopes are intended for a small amount of documents. Send heavy documents, notebooks or books in a reinforced envelope (e.g., a bubble-wrap envelope). Memory sticks, keys or other small items cannot be sent in a regular envelope.

Select an appropriate sending method for the contents

Mail fragile items (e.g. electronics and glass), foldable items, or liquid items, or those causing spills or stains, as a special handling parcel (fragile). Please note that regardless of the special handled parcel's additional service, the contents should be packed with extra care, using the necessary padding.

When in doubt, check whether the contents are fit for Posti transport. Posti will not transport any illegal or dangerous items or hazardous substances including many household products, such as aerosols, matches, nail polish or perfumery.

The delivery must last the transport time and storage time with Posti without special temperature requirements. Please also note that Posti will not transport perishable foodstuffs or living plants.

When sending an item abroad, please observe that many countries have different restrictions in place.

If you want to make sure that your item is only handed over to the recipient or a person authorized by him or her, send it as a registered item. Cash and similar valuable contents must always be sent as a insured shipment. The transporter's liability for transport damage is subject to legal restrictions and compensation may not necessarily cover the complete value of the contents.

Special process for liquids

Send leakage-prone goods as fragile items. Seal liquid substances in a tight container or bottle. Pack containers with a large opening (e.g. berry buckets) in a plastic bag. Tape the bag or close it tight in a water proof way. Pack liquid containers in a durable box and ensure that they do not move. The package must have a filler substance that will absorb the liquid if the container or bottle is broken.


Sending laboratory samples

The sender must take into account that samples categorized as UN 3373 are unfit to fly as mail items due to aviation laws. Therefore, they cannot be sent as mail items in international traffic at all, and the service level cannot be guaranteed for domestic traffic if the distance is long.


Seal the shipment with care

Put everything included in the shipment inside the parcel. Do not make parcels that look unclear. Do not leave any tailing or overhanging parts in the parcel.

Use enough tape, cord, metal clasps, bands or other fastening material to seal the parcel. Remember that nothing should cover the address card.